ST. LOUIS – Planes, trains, and automobiles are the most common ways to travel. Trains, however, can often be overlooked as an easy way to get to your destination, with some amazing views in the meantime.

Amtrak travels to more than 500 stations across 46 states in the U.S., giving travelers the chance to experience a lot more than they may be able to in a car or on a plane.

With that being said, there is certainly some scenery to be taken advantage of in the Midwest and across the country. Taking the train from St. Louis to Chicago can already allow for travel nearly anywhere, as it is a hub for many connecting trains.

Across the Midwest

Chicago to San Antonio

Nicknamed the Texas Eagle, this train makes stops right through St. Louis and other major cities, including Austin and Dallas. Guests can get the best-of-both-world views of nature-filled scenes of the Mississippi River and the Ozarks but still get bright city views as well. If that’s not enough for you, the train in San Antonio connects to another train that winds up in Los Angeles.

Travel time: 32 hours, 25 minutes

Highlighted stops: Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio

St. Louis to Kansas City

There is a reason why this train is called the Missouri River Runner. Travel right along the Missouri River bank, with activities to stop and do along the way. This can be a perfect alternative for those who don’t want to make the drive along Interstate 70 for over four hours while saving some money on gas too.

Travel time: 5 hours, 40 minutes

Highlighted stops: St. Louis, Independence, Kansas City

Chicago to Michigan

For anyone looking to end up with a view of the Great Lakes, there are a few different options to go with, according to Amtrak:

Pere Marquette: This train’s final destination is “Beer City USA” in Grand Rapids. Stops along the route showcase strong Dutch heritage, and an annual tulip festival.

Blue Water: Ending in Kalamazoo, home to “Cereal City,” travel through Michigan’s historic sites as one of the oldest cities of the Great Lakes.

Wolverine: This train takes riders to the Detroit Metro area, with pit stops in New Buffalo, Jackson, and Ann Arbor. It should be noted that until October, this train operates weekends only.

Travel time: 6 hours, 30 minutes

Around the country

There are some breathtaking views with different routes across the U.S. with Amtrak, with a portion of their website dedicated to some of the most famous paths.

California Zephyr (Chicago to San Francisco Bay)

According to Amtrak, this is named as one of the most beautiful train routes in all of the country. The views can range all over—from snowy mountains to the desert, canyons, city skylines and more. There is a reason why this route can be a bucket list item.

Travel time: 51 hours, 20 minutes

Highlighted stops: Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake, San Francisco

Lake Shore Limited (Boston to Chicago)

Much of this route takes travelers through the shorelines up north, with some views of Lake Michigan, the Mohawk River, and the Eerie Canal. For those who may rely on the scenery to keep their attention, this is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Travel time: 19 hours

Highlighted stops: Boston, New York, Cleveland, Chicago

Silver Service/Palmetto (New York to Miami)

As this train glides through most of the eastern coast states, there is sure to be a view of everything from city life to the calming coasts of the ocean. Riders can see firsthand the charm that is offered in the sights and sounds.

Travel time: Up to 28+ hours

Highlighted stops: Charleston, Savannah, Tampa, Orlando, Miami

Coast Starlight (Seattle to Los Angeles)

This route encapsulates everything on the west coast, including the Pacific Ocean, palm trees, forests, valleys and more. Amtrak says this path is deemed to be one of the most spectacular routes offered.

Travel time: 35 hours

Highlighted stops: Klamath Falls, San Luis Obispo

Capitol Limited (Chicago to Washington, D.C.)

A historic yet scenic route is offered on the way to the nation’s capitol When riding the train through the eastern half of the country, riders can expect to see Potomac Valley, Harpers Ferry, the Allegheny Mountains, and more. Guests can even bring their bike on the train to explore Washington, D.C., car-free.

Travel time: 18 hours

Highlighted stops: Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C.