MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Thanks to all the rain the St. Louis Metro area has seen in recent days, many in the region have been affected, including lawn care businesses, which have had to work around all the wet weather days.

“The amount of rain that we’ve had, it’s been a nightmare,” Jason Lee, branch manager at Kapp’s Green Lawn, said. “I haven’t seen this much growth in a long time.”

Businesses like Kapp’s Green Lawn in Maryland Heights is making the most of the dry time, like Friday, in order to catch up on work around the bi-state region.

“The biggest problem we’ve had in the last couple weeks is getting out and doing our work. Homeowners alone are having a hard time just mowing,” he said. “People are mowing half their yard because the back half has been sitting under water for two weeks…but it’s nice to see the sun today and get out and do something.”

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It is mentioned that cutting grass after a period of rain before the soil has had time to dry up can actually damage the blades of your grass. It can typically recover by itself, but bigger problems begin to emerge when grass is mowed while wet.

“An uptick in fungus right now. That’s another thing too, where a homeowner cuts too much off, the grass blade gets damaged, and then fungus starts to take over,” Lee said.

If you have questions or concerns about your yard, it is best to call and ask somebody.

“Obviously, we’re up here; there’s other lawn care companies out there too but Mother Nature does a lot of funny things,” Lee said.