ST. LOUIS – From immersive illusion rooms to mind-puzzling installations, the Museum of Illusions is opening its next location in downtown St. Louis at the City Foundry on Friday.

With over 45 locations across 25 different countries, the Museum of Illusions St. Louis will be among other cities like Chicago and Dallas to experience its unique installations and mind games.

“This is a mind-bending, mind-blowing experience for all ages,” said Steve Garmon the general manager of the Museum of Illusions St. Louis.

Illusion rooms include experiences such as a vortex tunnel and a tilted room, also including a “reversed room” that highlights a St. Louis smokehouse-style barbecue restaurant.

Garmon says his favorite room is the “ames” room—a room with an angled floor, giving the illusion of extreme height differences between two people.

“It’s a combination of entertainment and education,” Garmon says. According to Garmon, they coined the term “edutainment” from the variety of experiences they offer.

The museum also features installations such as a “cloning table,” “head on a platter,” and a “beuchet chair.”

The Museum of Illusions St. Louis opens its doors on Friday at 10 a.m.

Tickets can be purchased online at