ST. LOUIS – The National Weather Service has confirmed five tornadoes from Sunday evening’s St. Louis-area storms.

NWS crews surveyed several areas in Missouri and Illinois for damages on Monday.

The National Weather Service confirmed tornadoes in or near the following locations:

Oakville, Missouri (St. Louis County)

New Baden, Illinois (Clinton County)

North of Carlyle, Illinois (Clinton County)

North of Iuka, Illinois (Marion County)

North of Forbes Lake, Illinois (Marion County)

Four of the five tornadoes were rated as an EF-1. The strongest tornado of the five was an EF-2 located just north of Iuka, Illinois. It peaked at 132 miles per hour and stretched nine miles.

According to the National Weather Service, each of the four tornadoes moved at peak gusts of at least 90 miles per hour.

The Oakville tornado crossed states from Missouri to Illinois before it dissipated. It had a top speed of 97 miles per hour and tracked 8.8 miles.

The tornado north of Carlyle, Illinois, produced top speeds of 97 miles per hour and had a path of approximately 13 miles.

No injuries or deaths were reported from any of the five tornadoes, but there are some considerable damages to rural homes and trees in the Metro East.