ST. LOUIS – Emergency crews were notified Tuesday afternoon of a vacant building that collapsed late Monday night on Missouri Avenue. The neglected property is a long-standing issue and an eyesore in the neighborhood, according to the local residents.

“Boom, a big boom sound…to be honest, I thought it was some gunshots. So, it was the rest of it kind of tearing apart,” Lavera Winston, neighbor, said. 

Residents in the neighborhood reported that those who struggle with substance abuse and homelessness frequent the property, raising concerns about crime in the area. Upon arrival, the fire department conducted a comprehensive search for any signs of life at the scene.

“The Collapse Rescue Task Force was dispatched. And basically, that’s a couple trucks with a lot of equipment. In case someone was trapped, we would be able to locate them and rescue. I also deployed our K-9 team so that we’re able to do a search,” Capt. Garon Mosby, St. Louis Fire Department public information officer, said.

Mark Harris, who lives next to the collapsed building, says he has repeatedly voiced his concerns regarding the conditions of three neighboring properties.

“We keep complaining and my neighbor that lives on the other side of me, she’s been complaining to our alderperson. Nothing’s being done and they tell us that even though this collapsed, they can’t do anything about it, it’s an LRA (property),” Harris said. 

Neighbors express frustration over their repeated complaints.

“I reached out to our alderwoman, Cara Spencer, about this. It’s like, we not getting anywhere with anybody through the City of St. Louis and the LRA division for this house to get torn down,” Winston said. 

FOX 2 has contacted the Land Reutilization Authority for the City of St. Louis but hasn’t received a response as of Tuesday night. Alderwoman Cara Spencer also reached out to the LRA on March 8 regarding Winston’s concern about the property, but no response has been received.