ST. LOUIS – Union Station wants to open new attractions and rides by next year.

“Still finalizing all the plans,” Cameron Schoeffel, St. Louis Union Station’s director of sales and entertainment, said. “But one being a wave swinger, potentially a teacup coaster, and one being a pirate ship. So, a lot of fun that guests won’t find in downtown St. Louis or really across the nation.”

The proposed new attractions would be located along the southern leg of the St. Louis Wheel.

“Family focused,” Schoeffel said. “A little bit more thrill seeker than our other rides that are existing, but definitely very much for everyone in the family. We definitely want to appeal to those families and guests of all ages.”

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Lodging Hospitality Management is looking to get final approval from the city in the next month and break ground in January 2025, with hopes of opening that summer.

Schoeffel said a train or two—and a track–could be moved to make way for the new amusement experiences.

“We’re celebrating 130 years at Union Station. So, it’s amazing to see the evolution of where we’ve come when the property opened in 1894 to today and next year will look like with the expansion,” she said. “The past four years have been amazing for us. We’ve grown from the aquarium to the Wheel to the restaurants and hotel. I think next year is going to be an amazing stepping stone into what I think is the future for us.”

Union Station currently employs 350 people at their complex and expect to add more jobs in 2025 to help staff the new amusement experiences.