ILLINOIS – The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) recently posted a reminder on one of its billboards urging drivers not to drive distracted.

On June 8, an electronic advertising sign was visible to eastbound drivers on I-270. The IDOT sign displayed the message: “Smart phones don’t make smart drivers.”

According to the State of Illinois, research shows that using a cell phone while driving can cause serious cognitive distractions and degrade driver performance.

Using a cell phone while driving can increase your chance of getting into a crash by 400%, according to a distracted driving pamphlet created by the Illinois State Police.

Illinois law bans the use of cell phones, texting, or using other electronic communications while driving a vehicle. Hands-free devices or Bluetooth are allowed for people aged 19 and older.

Other examples of distracted driving include adjusting the car’s dials, grooming, and even eating and drinking. According to the law, drivers involved in a crash resulting from distracted driving may face criminal penalties and incarceration.

Illinois law also prohibits the use of headsets while driving.