(WFXP) — It’s the end of an era for Nike’s self-lacing Adapt shoes. Nike announced they will no longer be producing any new Adapts, and will also be discontinuing the accompanying app. The app was used to control the colors of the lights, lace the shoes and other personalized settings.

Fear not, if you still have the app you can use these features but the app cannot be brought over to a new device or re-downloaded. If you don’t have the app, you can still manually lace the shoes, however, without the app you do lose the color-changing lights and auto-lacing features.

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Nike said in an FAQ section on the announcement, “We’ve had a long and successful run with our Adapt shoes and ushering in auto-lacing footwear tech. However, we are no longer creating new versions of Adapt shoes.”

The shoes feature a sensor inside which will tighten when you step into the shoe. After the shoe tightens, you can also manually tighten or loosen the laces using two buttons on the side.

The first Nike shoe was in 2016 when Nike released a very limited run of the Nike Mag, the “Back to the Future II” inspired shoes which featured the seemingly magical technology to tighten the shoes automatically.