HANNIBAL, Mo. – The WXK-82 transmitter in Hannibal went down last week, meaning weather radios across northeast Missouri and west central Illinois aren’t functioning, including Pike County in the viewing area.

This is the second transmitter to have an issue within the region over the last month.

“We’ve been working with the telephone company and we’ve been working to isolate the problem. The problem is with a localized issue with the information getting to the transmitter right at the sight,” Mark Britt, a lead meteorologist with the National Weather Service in St. Louis, said.

Technicians from the NWS will be meeting with the telephone company to isolate the issue, with the goal of getting it back on the air Tuesday morning, ahead of the storm threat.

But as always, it is recommended to have multiple sources for weather warning information.

“Your local TV station or radio, wireless alerts on your phone, or weather apps, outdoor sirens, internet sites, or have a network of friends and family,” Britt said.