NORMANDY, Mo. – After a senior prank at Normandy High School, two students have been told they cannot walk at graduation next week. Now, one father is taking a stand for his daughter.

“It’s not fair at all. I mean, it’s cameras all around that school. If you’re going to pick on these two the way that they are, do everybody else involved. You have it on camera. They have it on camera,” Walter Harper, father of Kyra Harper, said.

The senior prank involved displaying a fake obituary of a Normandy High School teacher. Allegedly, 30 students were involved in the senior prank, but only two are not allowed to participate at graduation.

“Then they tried to tell me she could be charged with criminal charges (for) this prank. Talking about a death threat. How? You can’t take this situation to nobody’s court,” Walter said.

According to Walter, the school district stated that they could not share the reasoning for the severe consequence with him. As graduation approaches on May 16, he is demanding answers for why only two students cannot walk across the stage.

“It’s nothing on paper. No email saying that my daughter is suspended or expelled from school. Those are like violations to rights as a student,” he said.

Kyra has been in this school district since kindergarten and has been a good student, has never gotten into trouble, upheld good grades, and is an athlete, Walter told FOX 2.

We reached out to the district for comment and they responded:

“Normandy School District does not comment on student disciplinary matters.” 

Walter says Kyra has not been in school since April 29 and has missed out on other events, such as prom. He has been searching for help within the Normandy alumni community or anyone else, as the district will not speak to him, Walter said.