ST. LOUIS – It’s become a Memorial Day tradition for one north St. Louis City businesswoman. Deb Creswell honors the fallen and first responders and gives back to her community by giving away free meals.

It’s been a steady stream of cars and people stopping by at Tripe City on Monday. Creswell said she’ll likely serve at least 180 free meals on Memorial Day.

“God said, ‘Feed my people,’ and that’s what we do,” she said.

Creswell has spent the past 13 Memorial Days giving away free meals. She doesn’t just stop at free hot dogs, chicken, potato salad, beans, chips, and a drink to anyone that stops by. She’ll make another stop at the end of the day at Gateway 180 and feed those at the shelter.

“I come by to support (her) because she’s always helping the community out, doing special deeds,” Kris Gamble said. “Helping people in a time of need. She’s really important to us around here. We appreciate her.”

“Family,” Sidney Caldwell, program director at Smooth 95.5 FM, said. “Kicking off the summer, stuff like that. It’s a good restaurant; a good day today.”

Creswell is known for her good food and good wishes for the community she serves.

“I love my people and I’m going to keep sharing myself with my people,” she said. “It’s a godly thing; it’s what he wants you to do. So maybe all of us should think on that level. If each one can help one, just think of where we would be.”