ST. PETERS, Mo. – Firefighters were shocked to see police appear at a Central County Fire and Rescue firehouse earlier this month.

Police investigators arrived at one of the stations in St. Peters, looking for an alleged criminal suspect they reported to have just caught in a law enforcement sting operation.

That suspect turned out to be a 25-year veteran of the fire department and was arrested and taken away while on duty. Central Fire and Rescue then took his picture and name down from their website’s Meet the Team page.

Court records show the suspect is Allan Gacki, who was arrested May 16 in a St. Charles police human trafficking investigation. The St. Charles County prosecutor then charged Gacki with a misdemeanor, alleging the defendant “proposed engaging in sexual activity at his place of employment.” He’s also charged with a felony after he allegedly “offered to deliver (controlled substances) to an undercover detective…”

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In this instance, the undercover detective was not posing as a minor. The criminal charges involve someone over 18.

Central County Fire and Rescue declined to talk on camera, but Fire Chief John Schneider wrote FOX 2 and said, “I was notified by local law enforcement of an incident involving one of our employees. It involves some actions that do not reflect the culture and behavior that we expect of our employees. This gentleman is no longer a member of our department. We feel this should not reflect poorly on the great firefighter paramedics we do have.”

Gacki was released from custody pending the current charges and was issued a criminal summons on Monday to appear in court on July 26.