O’FALLON, Mo. – The Francis Howell School Board is under fire after they proposed controversial measures about books in school libraries and what teachers are allowed to talk about in classrooms.

The Francis Howell School Board meeting was packed Thursday evening as the board proposed a measure that would require the school board to approve all new books before they are added to the library. Another proposal from the board would ban teachers from talking to students about gender identity.

People were protesting the plans of the school board outside the Francis Howell headquarters before the meeting started, with some even coming with signs to help make their opinions known.

Some people, including Francis Howell students, oppose the moves for a number of reasons, including the potential impact on LGBTQ students.

“They’ve done the same thing again with these new policies and regulations.” Harper Schneider, a Francis Howell student, says. “They’re trying to change things without anyone noticing.”

Some people at the meeting did support the school board. But most of those who showed up were here in protest.

Thursday was the first reading of the new proposed rules. The board will have a chance to vote on the changes at their next meeting on July 18.