ST. LOUIS — Last night, viewers from all around our viewing area sent in photos of the Northern Lights, which were caused by a solar flare colliding with molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere. Many mentioned they had to rely on cameras or phones to capture the sight.

The northern lights were visible across the viewing area due to ‘extreme’ G5 geomagnetic storm conditions reaching Earth on Friday. These storms can impact infrastructure in near-Earth orbit and on the Earth’s surface, potentially disrupting communications, the electric power grid, navigation, radio, and satellite operations.

Here are some photos from viewers in both Illinois and Missouri. If you would like to see more viewer photos, check out this link to our Facebook.

Cedar Hills, Mo Photo by Kaitlyn McCormickElsberry, Mo photo by Stephanie MartinHighland Silver Lake in Highland, Illinois Photo by Courtney MortonHighland Silver Lake in Highland, Illinois Photo by Courtney MortonLake Saint Louis photo by Laura StaatsMcKittrick, Mo photo by Caitlyn CorderPark Hills, Mo photo by Chelsea DawesPark Hills, Mo photo by Brandie WhitedWentzville, Mo photo by Kimberly RiosPotosi, Mo photo by Smantha Sheets