ST. LOUIS – Planned Parenthood and Missouri Attorney General were in a courtroom Monday arguing over documents surrounding transgender healthcare.

Arguments came from an April 11 ruling that ordered Planned Parenthood in St. Louis to turn over documents relating to gender transition interventions they performed on minors.

Transgender advocates gathered in front of the courthouse ahead of the court briefing, saying the lawsuit is a political move to attack transgender minors.

“We need the government OUT of our health care. When we make decisions for our own bodies, it should stay between us and our doctors, and out of the hands of snooping politicians. The AG’s actions should sound the alarm for all health care providers and any patient who receives health care across our state. We will stop at nothing to ensure that you get the care you deserve, without government interference,” Margot Riphagen, vice president of external affairs for Advocates of Planned Parenthood of St. Louis and Southwest Missouri, said.

Attorneys in the courtroom argued over the release of medical records of patients ages 16 to 18 years old. Riphagen said the original ruling did not include turning over those records of individual patients, as it is a violation of HIPPA.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey released a statement Monday, stating, “The law is clear that my office has the legal authority to protect children in the State of Missouri. Three courts have affirmed that idea already. I launched this investigation to obtain the truth about how this clandestine network of clinics subjected children to puberty blockers and irreversible surgery, often without parental consent. We are moving forward undeterred with our investigation into Planned Parenthood. I will not stop until all bad actors are held accountable.”

The judge says arguments have been submitted. Once he reviews them, he will have a ruling at a later date.