COLUMBIA, Mo. – It’s been nearly three years since a Mizzou freshman was fighting for his life in the ICU after being hazed at a fraternity event. Today, the victim’s “pledge dad” was sentenced to six months in jail.

Ryan Delanty was the “pledge dad” of Danny Santulli in the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, known as FIJI, at the University of Missouri. On Oct. 19, 2021, Santulli was forced to drink a liter of vodka during a “Pledge Dad Reveal Night” event with the fraternity.

His blood alcohol level was at .486%, which is nearly six times the legal limit in Missouri. He was found later on the couch in distress, but no one called 911. The incident left Santulli unable to walk, talk, or see.

Delanty was sentenced Wednesday to six months in jail and another six months under house arrest after pleading guilty earlier this month to hazing and supplying alcohol to a minor.

Danny’s mom, Mary Pat, held back tears as she told the courtroom how she was forced to quit her job to become Danny’s full-time caregiver.

“However the most rewarding job I’ve ever had, not one I ever imagined I would be doing,” she said. “It’s a job that requires countless doctor appointments, communicating with doctors, (and) monitoring medications.”

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One by one, each member of Danny’s family read statements, telling Delanty how their lives were forever changed.

“Do I think Ryan Delanty wanted Danny handicapped for the rest of his life? No, I don’t. Do I think Ryan intended to cause serious bodily injury towards Danny? Yes, I do. And he did so by making him drink, so much he passed out,” Danny’s dad, Tom, said.

Delanty’s lawyer, Stephanie Howlett, addressed the courtroom saying he is remorseful and accepts the fault of this tragedy.

“Know that Mr. Delanty will live with this for the rest of his life and there will not be a wedding, or an event, or a joyous occasion that goes by that won’t be tainted by this night in October,” she said.

Delanty will spend six months in the Boone County Jail before returning home to serve six months under house arrest.

Five other fraternity brothers have pleaded guilty in this case. Four others have cases pending, but the Santulli family says they have their eyes focused on this specific fraternity brother, since he was responsible for him that night in 2021.