ST. LOUIS – Police are investigating two separate shootings along Interstate 70. One happened Tuesday afternoon and the other happened overnight, just north of downtown St. Louis.

Berkeley police are searching for the suspect in Tuesday’s highway shooting, where two people were shot. Police investigated the scene for several hours, closing down the highway.

Officers said as many as nine shell casings were found after a man hanging out of a car window shot at a truck on the highway. Inside the truck, the driver and passengers were hit. Three kids, all under the age of eight, were also in the truck.

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“The kids were a hot mess. The driver—we thought we were going to lose him on the side of the road. He had a lot of blood loss. His girlfriend had three bullets to her neck, so we were very worried about her. It is by the grace of God that they all survived,” Major Steve Runge from Berkeley Police Department said.

In St. Louis, police are investigating a shooting after two people showed up at an area hospital with gunshot wounds. A 19-year-old man died at the hospital after he was shot in the head. A bullet grazed a 21-year-old woman, inflicting a wound.

The woman told police the shooting happened near I-70 and Madison Street.