CREVE COEUR, Mo.- Creve Coeur Police are investigating the terrifying moments for families enjoying a movie at an AMC Theatre over the weekend when a juvenile began firing gel beads into the crowd. 

Police said the Orbeez gun they recovered looked like a toy, but said Saturday’s incident was far from a game.

“They shoot out projectiles, which is against the law. It doesn’t matter if it is a gel round, if it is a plastic round, if it’s a metal round; any type of projectile weapon is illegal to shoot in public, and it can cause injuries to people,” Lt. Jonathan McIntosh with the Creve Coeur Police Department, said.

Officers arrested a juvenile Saturday night after witnesses stated that a teen wearing a ski mask stood up and began firing gel beads into the crowd.

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“This really could have ended in tragedy if there would have been a concealed carry holder who saw this as a threat to their life, or a police officer in the theatre who arrives when we get 911 calls saying somebody is shooting inside of a theatre,” Lt. McIntosh said.

Officers were on the scene within minutes of the 911 call and found the juvenile.

“The juvenile that we took into custody, we brought to the family courts building and we were told that it doesn’t meet the criteria for detention,” Lt. McIntosh said.

Officials with St. Louis County Family Courts say police can still apply for charges. Officers are asking witnesses and victims to come forward.

“We are putting together a case to present to the family courts so that way we can make sure that we get all the victims involved in this case and all the witnesses for a good prosecution,” Lt. McIntosh said.