ST. LOUIS — A new poll asks voters a range of questions, including what issues they believe are the most important facing Missouri in the upcoming election. Emerson College Polling, The Hill, and Nexstar Missouri conducted it with 1,000 registered Missouri voters.

In the poll, voters said that the economy (34.3%) was the most important issue that Missouri faced, followed by abortion access (12.3%) and immigration (10.3%).

The full poll results reveal the following trends:

The Economy: 34.3%

Abortion access: 12.3%

Immigration: 10.3%

Healthcare: 9.4%

Crime: 9.3%

Education: 7.3%

Housing affordability: 6.7%

Something else: 5.6%

Threats to democracy: 4.2%

Despite high interest rates, the U.S. economy added an average of 248,000 jobs per month this year, with unemployment at 4%. The Associated Press reports that signs of a slowing economy are starting to show up, with minimal retail sales growth.

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates 11 times in 2022 and 2023 to combat inflation, which has dropped from 9.1% but remains above the 2% target. The Fed now plans only one rate cut this year instead of three.

Will abortion be on the ballot this fall? Missouri abortion rights advocates submitted over 380,000 signatures for a constitutional amendment to guarantee abortion until viability, exceeding the required 171,000. Officials must verify the signatures by July 30, after which the secretary of state will confirm if there are enough. Moderate Republicans have dropped efforts for a 12-week abortion amendment. Currently, Missouri bans abortion at all stages, with limited exceptions.

A Missouri judge recently ruled that lawmakers did not intend to impose religious beliefs when passing a restrictive abortion ban. The decision came from a case by religious leaders seeking to block the law.

Last week, Governor Mike Parson highlighted the conclusion of Missouri’s months-long Southern Border Deployment. The troops were there to secure the Texas-Mexico border.

Emerson College Polling, The Hill, and Nexstar Missouri conducted this poll.  Review our methodology and data here.