ST. LOUIS – Pro-Palestinian demonstrators joined forces with several organizations to stage a demonstration near Washington University Friday. 

Demonstrators chanted, held signs and blocked traffic as tempers flared at times among those who encountered the protests.

Our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch captured images of a driver trying to travel through demonstrators blocking traffic. Video shows the driver exiting his vehicle and throwing punches before protest organizers intervene and the driver leaves. 

Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX later captured images of some pushing and shoving as a bicyclist weaved through protestors blocking streets.

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Part of the reason for Friday’s demonstration included protestors’ views that Washington University overreacted to last weekend’s demonstrations

“What happened last weekend on our campus was not good for anyone…We would have much preferred that those who were arrested Saturday left voluntarily when authorities told them multiple times to disperse. Unfortunately, they made a different choice, which is regrettable for us all,” a statement from a group of WashU leaders stated. “This has been a tumultuous time for our WashU community. And unfortunately, we know it’s not over. Tensions remain very high within and outside of our campus—here in St. Louis and beyond—as we all continue to grapple with serious, high-stakes world issues. There are no easy solutions.”

Members of the Jewish community have expressed concern that the protests are fueling antisemitism. Protest organizers deny those allegations and say their actions are motivated because of innocent lives lost in the war in Gaza.

The protest at WashU last weekend led to the arrests of 100 people, with only about a quarter of them being part of the school community. Among those that were arrested was St. Louis Board of Aldermen President Megan Green.

No further information has been released as to whether there were any charges against those who were detained.