ST. LOUIS – Too much of something is not always a good thing, and that is something St. Louis has been figuring out over the past several weeks with large amounts of rainfall.

The lack of a much-needed break in rain has been affecting residents like those in Waterloo, Ill., where the raising of the new water tower tank had to be canceled. It has not been rescheduled, as inclement weather is expected for the next two days.

In addition to this, it is taking an excessive amount of time to allow soil to dry up, giving farmers a difficult time.

“The corn we have behind us is some of the first corn we’ve planted. Some of it looks pretty good, but you can see the yellow spots in the field, I mean, basically, whenever you have too much moisture, the corn turns yellow and it hurts the crop from here on out,” Kenney Hartman Jr., farmer, said. “If it rains every day, we don’t get it planted.”

Rain is expected in the area Thursday and Friday.