MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – The Maplewood Police Department shared surveillance images showing what appears to be an individual on Friday spraying a red substance on an Israeli flag and a banner showing the images of Israeli hostages held by Hamas. 

The homeowner, who asked not to be identified, has been the repeated target of vandalism. She said Israeli flags have been stolen multiple times.

The homeowner spoke with FOX 2 while preparing for Passover, a time to reflect on liberation from slavery.

“We don’t feel safe as Jews,” the homeowner said. “We don’t feel safe because of a very vocal and active minority of individuals.”  

There are surveillance cameras around the home and an arrest has been made following previous incidents. 

The homeowner hopes the crimes will be considered hate crimes. She doesn’t see any other possible motive.

“I feel like I’m on alert 24/7,” she said.

The homeowner has found support from the community and has not had a problem replacing the flags. 

“We’ve had people we don’t even know sending us flags,” she said. “So, we got a stockpile now and every time this happens, we just put one right back up.”