BELLEVILLE, Ill. – Lost mail and unusual post warning stickers have some Belleville residents fuming, as they say they can’t get answers from their post office.

“It’s just gotten progressively worse and we’re just fed up with it,” Belleville resident Ron Fruenfelder said. “We hadn’t received mail for several days. When we finally did, on the mail, handwritten was ‘dog in yard.’ We don’t have a dog. None of our neighbors have a dog. It was just an excuse not to deliver the mail.”

Stookey Township in St. Clair County reported hundreds of examples of bills mistakenly marked “undeliverable.”

“On top of the postage – extra postage cost, just the labor cost of, you know, our staff of having to make phone calls to get these people to send additional or reprints of bills along with late fees. All those things add up and it’s just a huge burden,” the township’s Mark Bagby said.

St. Clair County’s Steve Duff says his bills have been lost—even after he’s received an email picture of the letter that was supposed to arrive.

“I signed up for the ‘know what’s coming in your mail’ online app and a couple times, what was there has never shown up,” he said.

FOX 2 visited the Dutch Hollow Post Office in Belleville, which is a location that residents say will not respond to their concerns. We were told the postal inspector was there, but instead redirected to a piece of paper with a number to call in Chicago.

Our call went to voicemail with a man saying he was with “strategic communications.”

It was similar to the response Stookey Township says its received. Bagby said he was “routed to a voicemail that you never get a call back from.”

“It doesn’t make sense. You can’t use reason when talking about the post office,” Fruenfelder added.

Duff commented, “If I can order something online and get it the next day with some of the other delivery services, the U.S. Postal system needs to be looked at pretty hard, I think.”

FOX 2 is still waiting on the response from the postal service’s strategic communications, as we’ve also now reached out to the consumer affairs department.