ST. LOUIS – Residents are seeing results after having to walk half a block to dump their garbage.

Neighbors on Catherine Place in north St. Louis reached out to FOX 2 when the alley was so bad that trash trucks were unable to go down it. And in response, the city moved the dumpsters a block away.

Residents like Fran Collier are feeling a lot better since the holes in the alley were repaired and the dumpsters were moved to their original location after FOX 2 got involved.

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“I am ecstatic… because we do pay for it, because if it had not been for you and being proactive in the neighborhood…we would still be walking a block away to empty our trash and putting it in cars,” Collier said.

Alderwoman Sharon Tyus, who represents the area, says that she has been working on the problem as well and has made countless pleas for action. Both MSD and the City of St. Louis were also involved in the effort.

“I’m grateful I don’t have to throw the trash in my car and drive it down the street…we’re grateful,” Resident Estelle Hite said.