ST. LOUIS — Saint Louis University students are set to hold a pro-Palestinian, anti-war protest today. This follows a similar demonstration by Washington University students, faculty, and activists in Forest Park yesterday, as community passions intensify regarding the conflict in Gaza.

The protest at Saint Louis University comes in the wake of tensions escalating after the arrest of 100 people during a demonstration on Saturday. Despite these arrests, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has not filed charges against any participants.

The university’s response to the protests has also stirred controversy. Chancellor Andrew Martin of Washington University reported receiving calls from students who felt threatened by the protests, which included chants some found intimidating. Protest leaders, however, dispute these claims and argue that such focuses are distractions from the events in Gaza.

WashU community meets in advance of planned protest at SLU

Megan Green, President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen and a former adjunct professor at Washington University, led Tuesday’s demonstration. Green was suspended from her teaching position following her involvement in Saturday’s protest. She asserts a different interpretation of the controversial chants, suggesting that the emphasis on them serves to divert attention from the issues in Gaza.

As today’s protest unfolds, Green has requested that St. Louis police refrain from interfering unless necessary. Meanwhile, city officials, including the mayor and police chief, have expressed their support for the public’s right to peaceful protest, affirming their readiness to intervene if the situation escalates.

Saint Louis University has not yet responded to requests for comment on today’s planned demonstration.