ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The Saint Louis Zoo welcomes a new female Grevy’s zebra foal named Roxie.

Zoologists say that Roxie was born on April 16 and weighed around 96 pounds at birth.

Roxie marks the first animal born at the zoo’s WildCare Park in north county. Her birth is also crucial to the Grevy’s zebra species, which is considered the most endangered species of zebra in the world.

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“This is both a joyful and historic moment for WildCare Park,” said Sabarras George, Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Park Director. “We are thrilled to reach this milestone on the path to building a world-class safari park and conservation center here in St. Louis County.” 

Roxie has spent her earliest days bonding with her mother, Gemma, and another female zebra, Laila, in a facility dedicated to sustaining endangered and threatened species.

Roxie’s parents are 7-year-old Gemma and 11-year-old Presley. They were originally paired together at the Saint Louis Zoo in Forest Park as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan for endangered Grevy’s zebras.

Photos courtesy: Saint Louis ZooPhotos courtesy: Saint Louis ZooPhotos courtesy: Saint Louis ZooPhotos courtesy: Saint Louis Zoo

“Gemma is a first-time mom and is doing everything right in caring for her newborn. Roxie follows her mom closely, is nursing well and has a lot of energy,” said Martha Fischer, General Curator at WildCare Park. 

Experts estimate that only around 2,500 Grevy’s zebras remain in the wild. According to the African Wildlife Foundation, they are more distinguished than other zebras for thinner stripes and longer ears.

WildCare Park, Roxie’s current home, is the zoo’s safari park under development in north St. Louis County and is expected to open to the public in 2027.