SULLIVAN, Mo. — Today marks five years since the disappearance of a mother from Sullivan, Missouri. Betty Alexander was 69 when she went missing. Tonya Miller, Alexander’s daughter, says that “every day since mom has been missing is so emotionally exhausting.” 

Miller says there are many mixed emotions they experience daily. Their mom’s absence always casts a cloud of sadness over any glimmer of happiness.

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“No matter how hard we’ve tried and everything we’ve done, we still haven’t even found a clue that can help find her,” said Miller. “We miss her hugs of comfort and love, along with her unwavering support. We are saddened that she has grandchildren and great-grandchildren she hasn’t been able to meet. Her family was the light of her life.” 

Despite their efforts, they haven’t found any clues about her whereabouts.  

“It has been a struggle to keep hope and so frustrating during the past five years when we have been unable to get the help we need to solve her case,” said Miller. “I have been leaning more on my faith than I have ever before. My church, family, friends, the community, and the Bring Betty Home Facebook friends have helped me through by being there for me and praying for mom.” 

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“I keep telling myself each day that we don’t find her, which is just one day closer to the answer. I know I have the promise from God that one day I will see her again and if someone is involved, even if we don’t get justice here on this earth, we will get justice on that person’s judgment day,” she said.  

Miller said there haven’t been any developments at all in her case. The last time anyone saw Alexander was at her apartment on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. Health personnel came to check on her as scheduled; she was no longer there. Her glasses were sitting on the arm of her recliner and her purse and all her belongings, including her ID, cards and keys, were all still in the apartment. She also did not have her necessary medicine.

Betty weighs 145 pounds and has blue eyes, brown hair, and blond highlights in her hair.   She has a scar on her back from surgery and is suffering from dementia’s early effects.  

“There is a Highway Patrol officer who thankfully requested to work mom’s case in his spare time and seems passionate about getting our family answers,” she said. “I do not want another family to have to endure this nightmare. I will not give up until we get answers.” 

If anyone has any information about Alexander, please contact the Sullivan Police Department at 573-468-8001.

Note: The video in this article is from a FOX 2 report from 2019.