ST. LOUIS – The only trouble for any musician wanting to play a 12-bar blues is that they usually have to do so in a saloon. One local businessman and musician wanted to change that.

Aaron Perlut is the founder of the Garage at the Intersection, which is designed to be a venue with no alcohol inside.

“This is going to be a sober thing. No alcohol allowed. In fact, Four Hands Brewing is going to be donating nonalcoholic beer to every performance, which is super generous of them, and it’s going to be a way for people to connect in a sober environment with local music artists,” Perlut said.

The venue is working with Hope Creates, a non-profit that uses art and music to help people recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

The space is expected to open at the end of the month in a casual setting.

“I understand what it’s like being on the road and looking for venues to play in and to be surrounded by alcohol at every turn,” Perlut said. “To me, this kind of checks a lot of boxes for me…it creates a safe space for people who might not want to be surrounded by alcohol when they play music.

The first artist to take the stage at the Garage at the Intersection is Alex Huck, scheduled for May 18.

“Between supporting Hope Creates, which uses arts to help people, and giving local artists yet another venue they can come play in. Hopefully, it erases some of those hurdles that come in booking a music venue.”

The space is located at 3323 Washington Ave. The first scheduled performance is May 18, welcoming Alex Huck.