CRESTWOOD, Mo–People across the St. Louis region are recovering from the severe weather that hit last night in the South County area.

A retaining wall collapsed near the new Dierbergs in Crestwood at Sappington and Watson. This is about two and a half miles away from where FOX 2’s extreme weather specialist, Chris Higgins, captured video in Sappington last night.

Higgins said this was possibly a tornado, possibly an EF-1 or low end of EF-2 tornado.

It caused damage to homes in the area and he found a carport collapsed onto a car.

A home next door to that had damage to its gutters and debris littered the yards of several homes in the area.

The force of the wind blowing lifted the canopy of a deck into the air and plopped it right back down on the ground. There are all kinds of damage in the backyards of homes all over South St. Louis

About a mile down Yeager Road there are entire trees blown down and large tree limbs strewn around. Several residents in the area who were in their homes shared what happened when the possible tornado touched down.

“Bad heavy rain, you couldn’t see the car in front of you and the trees were blowing and branches were going everywhere. He was having a heard time getting around all the branches,” said Phyllis Diehl, a storm victim from last night.