ST. CHARLES, Mo. – The City of St. Charles made the difficult decision to cancel day two of Riverfest due to rising river levels Friday.

Instead of rides, face painting, and fair foods, families left Frontier Park with disappointment.

“We’re sad it’s not going to continue. We thought it was going to continue until tomorrow,” Joyce Pecoraro Miller said.

“We got down here and nothing is around and we thought, ‘Oh, they must have gotten rid of it,’ but I can see why; the river is way up,” said Sandy Watts.

Just 24 hours before, families were out at the park and hoped to come back out for a second day.

“It was cool yesterday…we didn’t expect all the flooding to happen. I was hoping for some more fireworks. You know the boys have got the beers and we’re ready to go. But unfortunately, it is not going to happen today,” Nick Scheffing said.

Even with Riverfest canceled, people still went down to the river to get a look at the rising water levels.

“Driftwood, rough current, I’m sure last night with the barge out there they had trouble staying in one spot. It’s got a good current to it. But it is all the water from upstream,” Bob Miller said.