ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Beautiful and historic, you can find a little bit of everything with ease in downtown St. Charles. Well, almost everything.

“Trying to find parking can be pretty hard sometimes, especially during the weekend,” St. Charles County project manager Matt Seggerman said.

But there’s a new app to help with that. Seggerman and Alex Weidenbenner, project managers for St. Charles County and the City of St. Charles, appeared on FOX 2 News in the Morning on Monday to tell us about the Park STC app.

“It kind of starts you out pretty big, but you can zoom in and try to find that area. Or you can type in an address if you’re looking for a business or retail, and it’ll zoom you right in and tell you where there’s parking,” Seggerman said.

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The app covers 30 blocks of downtown St. Charles, showing the status of approximately 1,500 parking spaces in real-time. Sensors installed in the ground detect if a space is available or occupied, shown on the app as green if it’s a free space, or red if it’s taken.

“Handicapped spots will be outlined in blue. We also have veteran reserved spots in green,” Weidenbenner said.

The app does not require a user account. You can choose “Continue as Guest” when prompted on the home screen. The app also does not collect personal information if the user doesn’t create an account. It’s available now to download for Android and iOS devices.