ST. LOUIS — The Citygarden expansions are nearly complete, with five new additions being installed, marking the final stage of the park’s improvement. Three new sculptures and two returning ones from internationally acclaimed artists will be introduced to the public on Memorial Day weekend.

The grand opening of Citygarden is scheduled for Saturday, May 25, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and everyone is welcome. The event will feature live music, giveaways, and lots of flamingos—a tribute to Peter Fischer, who played a key role in creating Citygarden. Fischer loved flamingos, so they are an integral part of the park’s design.

Citygarden, designed by Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects and completed in 2009, is a unique urban park in St. Louis that highlights the city’s culture and nature, making art and nature accessible to everyone.

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For this expansion, NBW has added new features such as a serpentine bench that matches the original meander wall, and native plants. Working with the Gateway Foundation, they placed new artworks in the garden.

The expansion had challenges such as navigating underground utilities and old trolley tracks, but the project has been a success.

Here are the sculptures at Citygarden:

White Ghost by Yoshitomo Nara (2010):

A large white fiberglass statue resembling a dog and a child.

Mechanical Planet by Jan Kaláb (2017):

Playful spheres in bright colors that challenge gravity.

All Power to All People by Hank Willis Thomas (2021):

An eight-foot-tall Afro pick with a power fist cast in aluminum.

MOONRISE.east.may by Ugo Rondinone (2005):

An eight-foot-tall mask-like bust with a grinning face.

Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels by Jim Dine (2007):

Pinocchio standing on a bronze cart with outstretched arms.

Follow Citygarden and the Gateway Foundation on Instagram to win prizes designed by local artists, including custom windbreakers, fanny packs, beach towels, picnic blankets, kites, and color-changing lemonade cups—all designed specifically for this event.