WASHINGTON – The White House will host staff members from the St. Louis Office of Violence Prevention on Wednesday for an event tackling gun violence and violence intervention.

Mayor Jones founded the St. Louis Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) in July 2022. OVPs typically focus on the application of community-based strategies to reduce violence for people with the highest risks.

A news release from the City of St. Louis says that OVPs aim for violence-free neighborhoods through community-centered approaches. The office, led by Wilford Pinkney Jr., serves as a division within the City’s Department of Public Safety and focuses on community violence interventions, youth diversion programs, and alternative response strategies, all under a comprehensive public health framework. 

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On Wednesday, the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention will host members of the National Offices of Violence Prevention Network, which includes members from St. Louis. The event will focus on community violence intervention and collaborative work to build safer communities.

“The historic investment in Community Violence Intervention has allowed our office to build a comprehensive violence reduction infrastructure that addresses the root causes of gun violence in a holistic way and breaks down the silos between law enforcement and local government,” said Wilford Pinkney Jr., Director of the Office of Violence Prevention, via a news release.