ST. LOUIS – Brace for bustling terminals and potential delays as travel season hits its peak.

According to FlightAware, more than 600 flights were delayed and dozens of others were canceled nationwide Wednesday morning. While the summer holiday travel surge has begun, it is anticipated to become even more hectic in the coming days.

TSA is projecting over 143,000 passengers to fly this holiday weekend, with the busiest day landing on Sunday. Airports across the country are ready for record crowds, surpassing the pre-pandemic numbers.

Luckily, St. Louis Lambert International Airport seems prepared for the increase in flyers, as travelers who spoke with FOX 2 Wednesday seemed happy with their airport experience.

Passenger David Galentine left his phone on the plan and said staff were quick to return his phone.

“I thought it was gonna take longer than that, but it was actually really fast,” he said.

One local flight attendant reminds travelers to be patient, as there are usually more children and first-time flyers during this time of year.

One thing to keep in mind as well is the possibility of more turbulence during your flight due to the summer weather. St. Louis Lambert International Airport’s website allows travelers to track flight status as well as available parking.