ST. LOUIS — Lambert Airport is conducting a full-scale emergency training exercise today on the tarmac. This drill helps crews respond effectively to real-life emergencies.

Airports nationwide are increasingly concerned about drones. This training is especially relevant after an unidentified drone near Lambert almost shut down the airport last weekend.

“Once we had that news, we verified it with the air traffic control tower and our airport ops individual. We followed FAA-approved procedures, shutting down one runway to investigate. We didn’t see a drone after a certain time and then reopened the runway,” said David Kulinsky, the Deputy Director of Operations and Maintenance at Saint Louis Lambert International Airport.

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Multiple agencies, including Abbott EMS, various fire departments, Boeing, and several police departments, took part in Saturday’s drill.

“It takes a team effort throughout the airport to understand how everything operates. Everyone plays their role. We practice this every year with a tabletop exercise, but every three years, we hold a full-scale exercise with a simulated aircraft to ensure everyone is on the same page,” Kulinsky added.

The goal of the exercise is to enhance the coordination and response capabilities of everyone involved in an emergency.

“We take pride in being a very safe airport,” Kulinsky said.