ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Metropolitan Police are suspecting that juveniles are behind a recent uptick in crimes involving airsoft or pellet guns. 

The most recent attack occurred near Ninth Street and Russell Boulevard in Soulard around 1:20 a.m. Tuesday. Police reported that a woman was struck with airsoft guns.

Five similar incidents have been reported this month. Innocent victims have been hit by pellets while standing or walking along city streets.  

Police believe the attacks are random, even though several media members have been struck. Investigators do not know if the attacks are connected.

FOX 2 reported on our own crew that was struck while working on a separate report in November. 

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“Kids might think that this is fun and games, but it can result in serious injury and under state law in the state of Missouri, it is a felony assault,” Sgt. Charles Wall, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, said.

He added that parents could even be held accountable if the suspects are juveniles.

“At four o’clock in the morning, why are your kids out driving around in a car indiscriminately shooting people with an airsoft gun?” asked Wall.

He believes suspects or a suspect’s vehicle will soon be identified thanks to the number of security cameras available.

There is also concern how an innocent armed victim might respond when surprised by an attack.

“It could be terrible,” Soulard resident Joe Distler said.