ST. LOUIS – Two small businesses in St. Louis, one in Soulard and another in the Lasalle Park neighborhood, were the targets of overnight criminals. 

The owners of both businesses shared surveillance video of the crimes. In both cases, the suspects left without any money.

“No bars or restaurants leave cash in the drawer at night,” said Patrick McGlynn, owner of Shamrock Pub.

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He is now faced with replacing the window the suspects shattered just before 3 a.m. on Friday.

“They were in there for about a minute, a minute and a half, and then got spooked by our security,” said McGlynn.

It was a similar story in Soulard. Sean Conroy, co-owner of the International Tap House, said it was around 3 a.m. when the suspects broke into his business.

“They had tools and just popped a window,” he said.  “They didn’t even use a brick or rock or anything.”

Conroy said the suspects were driving a black Infinity vehicle without license plates. St. Louis police confirmed investigations are underway in both cases and added there were also reports of several car break-ins.

Conroy said police responded and are investigating. He hopes the community will continue to show support for locally owned businesses that encounter these crimes. 

“We’re really just trying to make it here in the city and make sure people still have a place to come in the city and feel safe doing so,” he said.

Earlier in the week, we reported about similar crimes involving two south St. Louis businesses. FOX 2 has also reported on overnight break-ins at another Soulard bar from just last month.

“This is something that’s hurting small businesses across the city,” said Conroy.  “It’s just disappointing and disrespectful to people who are just trying to make a living.”

McGlynn is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to arrests.  He is also promising them a job.

McGlynn predicts that the suspects will eventually be identified. He said, “You’re going to get caught, and it’s going to be a downward spiral from there.”