ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A personal-finance study names one St. Louis suburb among 25 U.S. cities “where the ultra-wealthy live.” published the study last December, classifying an “ultra-wealthy” individual as one with a minimum net worth of at least $30 million. A research team used Census data to determine which cities had the largest average income.

According to, coming in at 21st out of the 25 “ultra-wealthy” U.S. cities was Ladue, Missouri.

The study determined there were more than 3,400 households in Ladue with an average household income of nearly $385,000.

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Every city that made the list, including Ladue, had at least 1,000 households with a median annual income of at least $250,000.

According to the study, individuals who represent the 25 cities on the list often have high-paying jobs, such as doctors, or have reached the top of their careers in their respective fields. Property and assets also help in building an “ultra-wealthy” portfolio.

The top-ranked city in the study was Atherton, California, a suburb of San Francisco with a reported average household income of nearly $540,000.

Many of these cities are also represented in a new article from The Business Journals titled “The Wealthy 1000: America’s 1000 wealthiest ZIP codes.”