ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis region is gearing up for a weekend warmup that could offer a taste of summer early into spring.

There’s a strong chance that St. Louis temperatures will peak in the 80s on Saturday and Sunday. There’s also a possibility that the final highs could push the 90-degree mark both days and shortly beyond.

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The FOX 2 weather team is currently projecting highs of 82 degrees on Saturday, 85 degrees on Sunday and 86 degrees on Monday with storm and precipitation chances slim-to-none.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service’s St. Louis division reports that some locations could see their first 90°F readings this year over the next few days. NWS predicts that St. Louis has a greater than 50% chance to climb up to 90 degrees on Sunday and Monday.

According to NWS, St. Louis usually experiences its first 90-degree day around May 15, based on averages from 1991 to 2020.

To this point, the warmest day in St. Louis this year produced a high of 86°F on Feb. 27, which marked a record in St. Louis for that time of year.

In the case of a major warmup, if you plan any activities outside, keep the following considerations in mind…

Limit the time of high-exposure activities

Have a plan to stay hydrated

Wear lighter clothing

Use sunscreen as necessary

Take advantage of early-morning and early-evening hours