ST. LOUIS – New research finds that St. Louis is home to the pickiest eaters in the nation.

St. Louis ranked first in the “2024 Picky Eating Report” published earlier this month on

A research team analyzed Google search volume for terms related to picky eating in order to determine which city had the pickiest eaters.

The report found that St. Louis had nearly 1,200 Google searches related to “picky eating” per 100,000 residents.

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According to the report, the “picky eater” label may com from favoring certain food textures or refusing to eat something with certain toppings or condiments. Nationally, picky eaters are most likely to be skeptical of vegetables (57%), seafood (56%) and meat (39%).

Using survey results, the report also found around half of Americans consider themselves picky eaters, around one-third of Americans are embarrassed by their picky eating habits and 45% of people don’t attempt to overcome their picky eating habits.

Right after St. Louis on the picky eating list came Jersey City, New Jersey at second and Cincinnati, Ohio at third.