ST. LOUIS – Finding a good seat is a big part of the baseball experience at Busch Stadium. There are lots of good options, but not all are created equal.

A new study from analyzed seating arrangements at all 30 MLB stadiums and determined where the worst seat was located at each venue.

When you purchase tickets, you may do this with considerations such as the views, the comfort level, and ticket prices at the top of mind. A research team with used an algorithm to identify each ballpark’s least-desirable seats, which included those considerations and more.

According to, the worst seat at Busch Stadium is Seat 21 in Section 371 and Row 7.

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The seat is located one section above Big Mac Land and one section west of the cutoff for the higher-level seats. If looking straight ahead, your primary view is left field. The odds of catching a home run ball from that seat are slim, and the section is relatively far from the game action.

Leading up to this designation, ballpark seats were scored and evaluated based on six key categories:

View obstruction from seat

Distance from home plate

Plate/seat angle

Exposure to sun, rain and weather elements

Proximity to concessions and restrooms

Overall comfort

The best possible score would be 60 out of 60 (indicating the best seat), and lowest possible score would be 0 out of 60 (indicating a not-so-ideal seat), according to the scale.

The Cardinals’ worst seat earned a score of 24 based on the aforementioned categories, near the middle of the pack compared to other MLB stadiums. The study also says a regular-season ticket for that seat costs around $12 on average for that seat. is a sports-betting website that used data from multiple sources in the study, including information from all 30 MLB team websites, official 2D and 3D seating charts, TicketMaster, SeatGeek and more.

The research team found the worst set in all of Major League Baseball to be at Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox. In particular, it’s one that’s placed right behind a pole in the right-field bleachers.