ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A man from suburban Kansas City is accused of threatening to kill City of St. Ann employees and their family members in a racist, homophobic diatribe.

According to the St. Ann Police Department’s probable cause statement, the threats were made around 11:30 a.m. on March 21.

Police claim Marc Cordova-Boyer of Belton, Missouri, called the St. Ann Administrator’s Office, and spoke with a city employee to voice his frustration about settlement money he’d been receiving and vowed to drive to St. Ann with a firearm and shoot the place up. He then demanded to speak with a supervisor.

The employee transferred Cordova-Boyer the city administrator’s voicemail, where police claim Cordova-Boyer went on a wild tirade:

…Are you aware of the class-action lawsuit that y’all narcissists of St. Ann are paying out to the people. Ah. Inhumanely holding them hostage in y’all’s inhumane jail, which I was one of those people multiple times.

I want you to know, [clears throat] you —— — ——- are trying to give me $100, when it’s $80 a day. I don’t know what down syndrome — mother——- you got; [unintelligible] the whole fucking city of St. Ann is nothing but a bunch of ——- —– made ——-, bro.

And when we the ——- people, take our right to bear arms, and we take those arms, and WE ——- KILL YOU ——-. I don’t want to hear shit, bro.

When we tie up your ——- kids and your families and ——- KILL EM, I don’t want to hear —- bro, because y’all are a bunch of ——- narcissist — ——-, bro.

And you ——- do nothing but oppress the people, bro. Not one of you ——- ——- is a public servant, bro. Y’all ——- aren’t nothing but some ——- oppressing — narcissist, bro.

And I’m sure that most half your ——-, half your ——- people are nothing but sex trafficking pedophiles on top of it too, so.

You know what I’m saying, because that’s all the government is, so, I just want you to know, we’re watching you, you ——- ——. And we ain’t got no problem BLOWING YOUR ——- —— HEAD OFF, bro.

Investigators contacted Atticus Administration, a Minnesota-based company that handles class action payouts, and learned that Cordova-Boyer had made similar threats against them. The company alerted local authorities to the threats.

The FBI was notified of the threats as well.

On April 5, FBI agents contacted Cordova-Boyer. Police claim Cordova-Boyer acknowledged being upset with the settlement payout from St. Ann and to making the threats.

The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged Cordova-Boyer with one count of first-degree terrorist threat. His bond was set at $250,000, cash-only.