ST. LOUIS – The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported a teen as missing and endangered, but they never found him. Now, he is wanted for murder.

“That young man took away so much,” Ulandia said. She is the mother of the man who was allegedly killed by the missing person. She is using her first name only for safety precautions.

Ulandia’s son, D’Ontavion, was 21 when he died in March last year. He was shot and killed at Pleasant View Gardens in Ferguson.

D’Ontavion was killed near the back of the complex, where Ulandia says he was helping someone record music.

“He was over at a young lady’s house, setting up the equipment to produce her song,” Ulandia said.

Ferguson Police identified a suspect and issued an arrest warrant as of January. However, police cannot yet name him as he is not yet criminally charged and was a minor at the time of the murder.

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A missing person bulletin from the Missouri Highway Patrol says the suspect was last seen in juvenile custody at Hogan Street Regional Youth Center in November 2022.

Four months later, Ulandia’s son was murdered. His alleged killer is no longer listed online as missing, with police now wanting him for another alleged crime: the murder of D’Ontavion.

“It’s been over a year since he’s been missing from the detention center so that’s a lot – that’s a long time,” Ulandia said.

We talked to a youth center administrator, who said they could not comment.

A St. Louis Police Real Time Crime Center camera now sits in the street out front of the center. Though the victim’s mother is frustrated police can’t name the suspect publicly because of juvenile court rules, she’s confident the public still has answers.

“Someone knows where he is,” she told us.