ST. LOUIS – It’s not always easy for restaurants and retailers to stand the test of time. The St. Louis region has had so many that have built cherished memories over the years, but are no longer with us.

After looking back at restaurants missed most around St. Louis, FOX 2 wanted to take it a step further. Gone, but not forgotten, are many brands and businesses that once shaped St. Louis culture.

Last week, FOX 2 turned to Facebook to ask viewers, “What is a brand or chain that’s no longer in the St. Louis area that you miss?”

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More than 1,000 comments later, these were among the most popular replies. Restaurants and retailers included…

“Stix Baer and Fuller and Famous Barr,” says Karen.

“Borders bookstores,” says Jim.

“Grandpa Pigeons,” says Tony.

“Del Taco,” says Autumn.

“Casa Gallardo,” says Amanda.

“Another vote for Casa Gallardo! Someone seriously needs to bring it back,” says Jeannie.

“Cassidy’s Pizza. Best fruit pizza I have ever had,” says Lora.

“Shop ‘n Save,” says Audra.

“Circuit City, Service Merchandise, Venture, Sears,” says Cynthia.

“Venture. I went there a lot as a kid with my parents,” says Justin.

“Grandpa Pigeons. Sears Merri Go Round. 579,” says Jeannie.

“Grandpa Pigeons, Ground Round, Buster Murphys, Kriegers,” says Wes.

“The Drive Inn, Woolworths, The Fish Dock, Zips,” says Demaris.

“Culpeppers,” says Charlie.

“Ground Round,” says Pat.

“Value City. I miss that chain store I would get my Cardinals shirts from there.” says Jordan.

“Jack’s or Better,” says Kenny.

“Ben Franklin [five-and-dime store],” says Jacob.

“Zantigo,” says Susan.

“Naugles, Casa Gallardo, Ground Round, Quiznos,” says Elysa.

“Naugles! Great after bar place to go. Naugle Burgers were the best,” says Jim.

“Kroger grocery store! I grew up woth their being one in Arnold before it became a National,” says Kimberly.

“Old Country Buffet,” says Mike.

“Annas Linens, Here Today, Any old good buffet restaurant,” says Mindi.

“Toys r Us, Hi-Fi Fo-Fum, NASCAR speed park, K-mart. The list goes on and on,” says Scott.

“Johnny Mac’s Sporting Goods,” says Nic.

“Velvet Freeze,” says Sandy.

“Woolworth’s Steamboat Room,” says David.

“Cicero’s, Coffee Cartel, The Gramophone,” says Sebastian.

“Gordmans, Venture, Shoneys, and Payless,” says Tiffany.

“Gold’s Gym,” says Emily.

“Tumble Drum,” says Karson.

“Pantera’s Pizza,” Lucy.

“Pilot House. Best fried chicken,” says Dianne.

“Learners Dept Store,” says Donna.

“Hostesses store off Broadway,” says Petty.

Crestwood Plaza 1961Image courtesy of Mark Zorensky from Hycel Properties

“Payless [Shoe Store],” says Ashley.

“Boyds,” says Carolyn.

“Woolworths and Bakers Shoes,” says Jill.

“Stuart Andersons Cattle Company,” says Jane.

“Payless, Ryan’s, Grandpa Pigeon, Ponderosa, Kmart, Bud’s, Pizza Inn,” says Jessica.

“Original Parkmoor in Clayton,” says Leon.

“St. Louis Steamers,” says Steve.

“Naugles, Bean House, El Nopal, Pagliaccis, Nelson’s Landing, Charlotte’s Rib, Seventh Inn,” says Matt.

“Noah’s Ark and Flamming Pit,” says Robert.

“Central Hardware,” says Dave.

“Genghis Grill,” says Justin.

“G.E.M. Dept. Stores,” says Garry.

“Howard Johnson’s,” says T.J.

“Toy Chest,” says Bryan.

“94th Aero Squadron,” says Chris.

“Rothman Furniture,” says Charlie.

“Sports Authority and Macaroni Grill,” says Jennifer.

“Bed, Bath & Beyond,” says Laura.

“Blockbuster,” says Shawn.

While FOX2 wasn’t able to mention all the restaurants, you can check out the rest of the answers on our Facebook page, and comment on which brands and businesses you miss the most.