ST. LOUIS – Residents in the Fourteenth Street Mall in north St. Louis were left in the dark after most of the streetlights had gone out.

Taxpayers spent around $30 million to bring the area back to life with apartment buildings, shops, and decorative streetlamps.

When there wasn’t any progress with proper lighting along the street, the You Paid For It team was called in to help.

“That wasn’t good. It’s not safe,” resident Muriel Harris said.

She says her, along with others, have made an effort to get something done for the two years they were out. They had called City Hall, but to no avail.

FOX 2 reached out to the ward’s Alderman, Rasheen Aldridge. After a phone call, he pushed for city agencies to move faster.

“To be honest, it was through the help of the community… but you kind of put it back at the forefront of my brain a little bit to get back on top of it,” Aldridge said.

According to the alderman, the lights cost around $100,000, and it was money well spent.

“I feel awesome,” Harris said.