MISSOURI – Former President Donald Trump is endorsing one candidate but slamming another in a key Missouri primary race just four weeks from election day. 

FOX 2 spoke with the two candidates Tuesday who are running for Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District seat. The district stretches from St. Charles County to Columbia and beyond and certainly leans Republican.

The former president campaigned in Florida Tuesday after dropping a political whopper in Missouri, endorsing former Missouri State Senator Bob Onder of St. Charles County.

“Bob was a delegate for us in 2016 and has been an incredible voice for MAGA… he has my complete and total endorsement,” Trump said.

“In my district on Aug. 6–the Republican primary voters–about 78% favor Donald Trump, approve of the (former) President, so it’s really huge news,” Onder said.

“I would have liked to have had (former) President Trump’s endorsement,” Onder’s top primary opponent, Kurt Schaefer of Boone County, said. 

The two lead a field of seven Republicans running for the seat of Republican Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, who is retiring after eight terms.

Though, in his endorsement of Onder, Mr. Trump calls Schaefer “weak on MAGA.”

Luetkemeyer endorsed Schaefer in April, saying, “I am very excited about Kurt picking up the mantle of this office and running with it.”

“I am proud of all the endorsements I do have in Missouri,” Schaefer said. “I have all the major agriculture groups:  Corn Growers, Soybean Association, cattlemen, Missouri Farm Bureau. I’ve got the firefighters, the Fraternal Order of Police… I’m very proud to have Blaine Luetkemeyer’s support.”  

Schaefer was a conservative Republican during his time in the Missouri Senate. Onder was, too. 

“Our problems today in our country are made in Washington, D.C.,” Onder said. “Our problems have to do with D.C. not listening to the people, not securing the border, not getting spending under control…we need to get the economy going and contain inflation.”

They seem to have similar views on what they see as the top issues facing voters in their expansive district.

“The two biggest things we’re hearing are security of the southern border and the economy,” Schaefer said. “When I say the economy, I mean most largely the national debt and how that’s impacting everything from home prices to the price of groceries… I’ve never met (former President Trump) but I’m confident when I meet (former) President Trump, I can earn his support.” 

“There’s no question there’s no endorsement in U.S. politics quite like Donald Trump’s,” Onder beamed. 

In a race between such comparable opponents, the power of that endorsement will be put to the test.