JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – Crews rescued two people stranded near a strong river current Tuesday evening at Rockford Beach Park.

The High Ridge Fire Protection District says this is its second water-related emergency this year. Crews completed the rescue without any injuries, helping one man and one woman.

High Ridge fire crews responded to the park at an undisclosed time Tuesday after a report of two people hanging onto a rock wall from the far side.

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Crews quickly found a man and a woman stranded near a bluff wall, informing them to stay put and not attempt to swim back.

The fire protection district says it deployed a boat to cross a river, placed life jackets on both people stranded, and carried them back to shore. The couple later informed crews that the current was stronger than anticipated and they were tired from swimming to the other side.

The High Ridge Fire Protection District says the man and woman rescued are new residents to the Jefferson County area.