ST. LOUIS — Players from the USA’s Blind Hockey team told Elliott Davis today that playing  on the team has been a life-changing experience.

The USA played Canada in an international competition. They played at the Centene Community Ice Center in Maryland Heights . It’s an effort supported by the St. Louis Blues.

Some of the players told Elliott they were big in sports, but they lost their vision. Some said they thought there would be no chance for them in sports  until they got this chance to play. Both men and women are on the team. Players are vying for a spot on the US Paralympic Team in 2026.

A lot of the parents were also there, saying they were just extremely proud of their youngsters. One mother said her child was depressed over his situation until he got a chance to do this. There are some changes from regular hockey; the puck is hollow metal with ball bearings inside so the players can hold it and there’s a lot of cooperation among the players out on the ice to prevent accidents.