ST. LOUIS – Not a few car break-ins, but a few dozen. That is the story in south St. Louis’ historic Shaw neighborhood after residents woke up Sunday to find their vehicle windows smashed.

Many of the damaged cars could be found along the 4100 block of Magnolia Avenue.

“We found out that this was very extensive property damage — I mean, involving over 60 cars in the Shaw neighborhood,” resident Mary Serdar said. “De Tonty, Cleveland, Shaw, 39th Street.”

For one resident, the incident is all too familiar.

Deandress Green said this is the third time she’s dealt with a car break-in in a single week. Her truck’s windows were smashed, and while her truck was in the shop for repairs, the rentals were also hit.

“I’m a farmer. I work my behind off; I work a lot of hours in the community. I want us to re-approach, assist, whoever is doing this,” she said.

It is unclear who is behind the break-ins. Some neighbors suspect it was group of youths targeting the blocks, one after another.

St. Louis police left blue cards on many vehicles, instructing residents who to contact to file a report.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department at 314-813-7029.