KIRKWOOD, Mo. – Veterinarian offices have been fielding phone calls of pests causing problems for their dogs.

“Apparently cicadas taste like peanut butter to dogs,” Dr. Ellen Cole of Clark Animal Hospital said. “While it’s not a problem if they decide to eat a few, if they consume too many, it can cause vomiting and diarrhea.”

Cicadas are harmless to humans and even have some benefits for yards and gardens. But for dogs with sensitive stomachs, they can cause gastrointestinal issues when large amounts are consumed.

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Clark Animal Hospital in Kirkwood is celebrating the opening of its new location next month. But on Friday, calls came in surrounding cicadas and ticks.

“Unfortunately, this is Missouri and we’re going to see ticks,” Cole said. “In fact, we’re seeing an uptick in tick cases. I pulled 30 off a dog last week that had been out hiking.”

Ticks can also cause problems for dogs. Cole suggests checking your canine for ticks if they’ve been outside for extended periods of time or walking through tall grass.

“We just want to keep our best friends happy and healthy,” Cole said.